About Us

We're a team of consultants and industry experts and executives, who bring a wealth of management and technology expertise to the table. We are operational strategists and business system integrators with significant experience leading large scale, global initiatives for our clients. We bring practical, hands-on experience working with your business to develop overarching strategies and road maps and doing the hard work of delivering process and technology improvements that support those business objectives.

We Value

  1. Open & Honest Communication
  2. Teamwork & Collaboration
  3. Involving Everyone
  4. Leaders Who Serve
  5. Personal Accountability

We will always

  1. Deliver on Our Commitments
  2. Focus on our Client’s Success
  3. Drive Real & Sustainable Value
  4. Leverage Industry Knowledge
  5. Provide Transparency

Company History


Guitaa Technology Private Limited was founded


Launched the inhouse developed AI based product Guitaa.com


The product crossed 1 M Annual Users


Oboarded esteemed clients such as Piramal Swasthya and GOI


Pre Seed Funding


Launched the in-house ERP for manufacturing industry

Contributors (Active Members)

  1. Chetan Agarwal
  2. Abhimanyu Saraswat
  3. Devesh K. Meena
  4. Yogendra Kumar Bairwa
  5. Rinku Khatri
  6. Sachin Shukla
  7. Mohit Rathore

Contributors ( past members)

  1. Shagun Mewara
  2. Ayushi Garg
  3. Sahil Mudgal
  4. Anurag Verma
  5. Akshansh Kumawat
  6. Ashok Jat
  7. Rashid Khan
  8. Lalit Saini
  9. Vikash Sharma
  10. Ankit singh shekhawat
  11. Akshay Arora
  12. Divya Sain
  13. Charchil Khandelwal
  14. Ankit singh solanki
  15. Mansi singhal
  16. Kamal kumar
  17. Vritika Bansal
  18. Neha Bansal
  19. Yogendra Singh
  20. Rahul Singh Chouhan
  21. Nishank Pareek
  22. Saurabh Gupta
  23. Aditya Sharma
  24. Vijay Lakshmi
  25. Anshu
  26. Harsha
  27. Yamini Goyal
  28. Shreya
  29. Sanjesh Sharma
  30. Vaibhav

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